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For me, these are the things that make every day special. They are also the reason why I developed Rankin Selection – a joyful celebration of delicious Irish foods. Tasting new flavours, seeing how they combine together to create new food experiences has always been my greatest passion. For Rankin Selection, I’ve searched the island of Ireland to find food producers who share my philosophy of elevating simple but wonderful ingredients to something extra special, on the palate and the plate.

As a young chef, I learned very quickly that good food, without good produce, is impossible. Ireland is home to some of the best food people in the world and the Rankin Selection producers are the cream of the crop. Food artisans that have developed exciting ways to enhance taste naturally, often over many generations. Together, we’ve set out to create foods bursting with authentic flavour to bring the joys of the table to families and friends everywhere, whatever the occasion.

Enjoy x

Paul Rankin

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Check out our Instagram!

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