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Irish Potato Slims


Potato bread is part of a classic Irish breakfast, made with a high content of potato and would be traditionally grilled or fried. Potato bread is having a renaissance as part of a healthy breakfast or post workout brunch.

Our potato slims, at only 80 calories per slice, toasted with a bit of butter, served with avocado and eggs, becomes a low fat, low in sugar, yeast free option to sliced breads.‚Äč

Keep in the fridge or the freezer once opened for next time.


More information


Reconstituted Dried Potato Flakes (90%), Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Preservatives (Calcium Propionate, Potassium Sorbate), Emulsifier (Mono– and diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Stabiliser (Diphosphates).




For allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see ingredients in bold.


Nutritional Information

PER 100g ENERGY (KJ) 565 ENERGY (kcal) 134 FAT (g) 3.0 of which saturates (g) 0.2 CARBOHYDRATE (g) 24.3 of which sugars (g) 0.5 FIBRE (g) 1.8 PROTEIN (g) 2.3 SALT (g) 0.8
Per Portion (Approx 60g) Per Portion (Approx 60g) 340 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 80 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 1.8 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 0.1 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 14.6 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 0.3 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 1.1 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 1.4 Per Portion (Approx 60g) 0.5
GDA ENERGY (KJ) - ENERGY (kcal) 2000 FAT (g) 70 of which saturates (g) 20 CARBOHYDRATE (g) - of which sugars (g) 90 FIBRE (g) - PROTEIN (g) - SALT (g) 6
% GDA per portion ENERGY (KJ) - ENERGY (kcal) 4% FAT (g) 3% of which saturates (g) 1% CARBOHYDRATE (g) - of which sugars (g) 1% FIBRE (g) - PROTEIN (g) - SALT (g) 8%

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