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Figs poached in Zinfandel with a Mascarpone Cream


Ingredient list

1 bottle zinfandel red wine,  (or other gutsy red )
350 ml. water
350 g. sugar
1/2 vanilla pod
2 slices lemon
2 slices orange
12 ripe figs
1 container ( approx. 200 g. ) mascarpone, softened
200 ml. whipping cream, soft peak stage
80 – 120 g. castor sugar


Put the bottle of red wine in a  pan, over medium high heat, and let it come to the boil, and then reduce by half..  Add the water, sugar, lemon, orange, and vanilla pod.  Return it to the boil.  Gently arrange the figs in, trying to completely submerge all of them.  Cover with greaseproof paper.  Poach gently for about 5 minutes, and then remove from the heat, and leave to cool in the syrup.  Strain off  the syrup,and reduced by half again, to give a more intense flavoured sauce.   Pour the reduced syrup back over the figs, and ideally leave them overnight to infuse, in the refridgerator.

To serve, soften the mascarpone in a large bowl with a wooden spoon.  Fold in the whipped cream, and sweeten to taste with the sugar.  Heat the figs back up for serving, this can be done either on the stove, or in the microwave.  You don’t want them to boil, just to be warmed through.  Place three of the figs, a little of the sauce, and a healthy dollop of the mascarpone cream, and serve at once.


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