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Kiwi Soup with Passion Fruit Ice–cream



This light, tangy dessert with its clean, bold flavours and colours is really refreshing. A lemon sorbet could be substituted for the ice–cream which would make it a very low–fat dessert option. For a richer ice–cream, replace half the milk with whipping cream.

Ingredient list

120 ml (4 fl oz) passion fruit juice (about 8–10 fresh passion fruit)
165 g (5 oz) caster sugar 
500 ml (17 fl oz) Vanilla Custard Sauce 
12 fresh kiwi
juice of 2 lemons


To get the juice from the passion fruit, halve each fruit and scoop all the flesh and seeds into a small pan. Warm gently with 2 tablespoons of sugar. This helps to release the flesh from the seeds. Pass through a fine sieve, pressing the seeds hard to release all the juice and flesh. You should have about 120 ml (4 fl oz) juice. Keep any extra to drizzle over the finished dessert and keep some of the seeds to decorate with as well.

Stir some of the juice into the cooled custard sauce to taste. Remember to make it slightly extra tangy because freezing will diminish the flavour.

Turn in an ice–cream machine following the manufacturer’s instructions or freeze in a shallow tray, whisking every 30 minutes to break up the ice crystals while freezing.

Meanwhile, peel the kiwi fruit and place them in a blender or food processor with the remaining sugar and the lemon juice. Purée briefly. If it is left turning too long the seeds will start to break up, discolouring the purée to a muddy brown. Pass through a fine sieve. Return a spoonful or two of the seeds to the puree and taste for flavour. There should be about 500 ml (17 fl oz) of puree. Chill in the fridge.

To serve, pour a generous ladle of the kiwi soup into each soup plate. Place a scoop or two of the passion fruit ice–cream in the centre and drizzle with a dash of passion fruit juice. Decorate with a few passion fruit seeds scattered over (they’re totally edible).

Check out our recipes!

Check out our recipes!

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