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Antipasta Salad


Ingredient list

225 g. ( 8 oz. ) rocket
175 g. ( 6 oz. ) frisee leaves
225 g. ( 8 oz. ) parma ham ( ham or smoked chicken could be substituted )
2 large peppers ( red and yellow ) roasted
6 eggs, hard boiled, peeled
12 asparagus ( or beans ), cooked, refreshed and drained
24 good quality olives
6 sun dried tomatoes, finely sliced
a few sprigs of basil, and continental parsley to garnish


4 Tablespoon Balsamic vinegar
125 ml. ( 5 fl. oz. ) extra virgin olive oil
freshly ground black pepper



Arrange the rocket leaves all around the edges of the platter, then lay the frisee leaves in a tall line along the middle.  Next, lay two rows of Parma ham, one on each side of the frisee, propping it up so that it sits tall.

Peel and seed the roast peppers.  Cut into attractive segments, and lay them near the outside of the platter.  Cut the eggs in wedges, and lay these just inside the peppers.  Cut each asparagus spear into two, and lay them neatly beside the Parma ham, in a criss cross fashion.  Carefully sprinkle the olives around the salad, and then the sun dried tomato on top of the frisee.  Garnish with a few leaves of fresh basil, and parsley.

To make the vinaigrette, simply whisk together the vinegar and oil with a little salt and pepper.  Taste for seasoning, adding a little more salt or pepper as neccesary.  Drizzle over the salad ingredients just before serving.  

Check out our recipes!

Check out our recipes!

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