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Carpaccio of Beef with Roast Aubergine & Balsamic Vinegar



With Ireland’s pure environment there is no better place to eat raw beef. Try this version of a world classic dish, named after a Venetian Renaissance painter.

Ingredient list

2 small aubergines
8 cloves of garlic
8 Tbsp. of light olive oil
275 g. /10 oz. filet of beef
2 Tbsp.  coarse sea salt
1 tsp. cracked black pepper
8 Tbsp. of Balsamic vinegar
salad leaves for garnish
salt and pepper
1/2 cup shaved parmesan


Cut each aubergine into 4 thick slices and gently crush the garlic cloves in their skins. Heat the light olive oil in a heavy skillet and roast the aubergine and garlic together for 5 minutes on each side. Allow to cool.

Thinly slice the filet of beef into 8 pieces. Gently pound the slices between 2 pieces of oiled cling film, until very thin. Try to have the beef an even thickness, that is , one side of the slice not any thicker than the other side.  Arrange these slices carefully on four plates.

 To serve;  sprinkle the beef with the sea salt and black pepper. Drizzle the beef slices with the Balsamic vinegar. Carefully arrange the aubergines, garlic, and some salad leaves attractively. Sprinkle the shaved Parmesan over all of these, and top with a little of the virgin olive oil. Serve with crusty country bread.


Check out our recipes!

Check out our recipes!

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